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Congratulations to our finalists!

Company of the Year:
Jigsaw • NextIT • Purcell Systems Inc.

Organization of the Year:
EWU - School of Computing and Engineering Sciences
Gonzaga University Smart Antenna and Radio Laboratory
Spokane Public Market

Ken Grunzweig Innovator of the Year:
Senator Lisa Brown • Paul Buller • Jon Eliassen

Emerging Innovator of the Year - Under 40:
Nick Brown • Josh Neblett and Sarah Neblett • Kirt Runolfson

Mentor of the Year:
Yvonne Luman • Rhosetta Rhodes • Thomas C. Simpson

Clean/Green Company of the Year:
Demand Energy Networks • ReliOn • Sun People Dry Goods Co.

Clean/Green Organization of the Year:
Applied Sciences Laboratory WSU • PNNL • Sustainable Resources INW

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